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Oral Sex Positions To Make Up Lost Time

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“During quarantine, you’re either alone or together…there’s no in between”, says Charlie Halston, a 28-year-old comedian from London.

With borders closed and travel at a stand still, a huge number of couples have been separated for months. It’s only recently that some of us are seeing our partners again, after all this time.

We have to make up for lost time — and time is of the essence.

Here are some playful ways to restore intimacy after months of being apart.

One girl on top of another touching her face in bed

The next time you click ‘place order’ on this week’s take-out, get ready. This is a race against time — and whoever comes first, wins.

Yes — that means, either you and your parter, or the person delivering your food.
No — we are not suggesting that you sleep with your delivery driver.

BUT what we are suggesting, is that you and your partner should both try and come, before your food arrives. Have your cake… and eat it too.

Red-headed woman in her underwear standing in a powerful position