It’s time to prioritise sex

3 minutes

Always grinding. Expected to multi-task. Heading toward exhaustion. Are we really surprised that our sex lives end up on the back burner? Once the honeymoon bubble as been popped, finding time for your sex life and maintaining levels of affection can slowly fall down the priority list.

So we’ve put together some ways you can keep your sex life at the top of your priorities.

Take a sense-check

It’s important to remember to remain open-minded and respectful when opening up this discussion with your partner. The aim is to foster openness and honesty not aggression and negative energy. To start with, focus on what has been working for your sex life ahead of delving into the reasons why it might be slipping down your priority list.

You may find that something comes up you or your partner having been waiting to address.

Have realistic expectations

A good jumping off point might involve starting slowly, try to connect emotionally with your partner, focusing on affection before trying to increase frequency. Make an effort to spend more intimate moments together, whether that is doing daily activities together or increasing physical touch day-to-day.

Schedule it

Keeping a timetable perhaps doesn’t sound the sexiest approach to prioritising your sex life, but if your issue really is time, it may be the most practical way forward. Anticipation can be half the fun, focus on building the suspense before your scheduled sex date with fun things like sexting, nudes and planning what you’re going to do to eachother.

In the real world, people’s sex drives vary wildy, especially throughout a long-term relationship. The important thing is to not put too much pressure on yourself or your partner to ramp things up too quickly. Maintaining a great schedule may be the key that opens up your partnership and bumps sex to the top of your priority list.