One thing about us? We know pleasure is an endless exploration. Start with yourself.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and gather. We pay respect to Elders – past, present and emerging. We recognise their ongoing connection to this beautiful country, with knowledge and stories that have been handed down since time immemorial.

We believe that sex is about more than just feeling good. It’s about choice. That’s why we create products for those who know what they want—and who aren’t afraid to demand it. For the ones who choose to feel everything… not just in the bedroom, but in life.

While some may approach sex as a math equation, a job or a sport: trying to figure it out, to get it right and to make it to the finish line. We are convinced that far from being set in stone, pleasure has infinite room for growth and evolution.

Live to Feel

SKYNFEEL® is a revolutionary polyisoprene material that makes our condoms noticeably softer and provide a more natural-feel. It’s been proven to enhance sensations, while remaining suitable for people with an allergy to latex. This technology embodies our mission ‘feel everything’… and all of our products: from toys, to intimate wipes, to lube — exist for this same purpose.

No latex. No allergies.

SKYN condoms are manufactured in a totally separate facility from natural rubber latex, just to be extra careful.

SKYN® Condoms do not contain Parabens, Glycerin, Benzocaine, Polyurethane, Nitrosamine, Soy, Rice, Casein, Pea Protein or Gluten. However, some highly sensitive individuals may experience allergic reactions to chemicals used in the manufacture of these condoms and/or in the lubricant applied to the condom.

Ready to try for yourself?