Is ‘Afterplay’ The New Foreplay?

2 minutes

When the mood strikes, a little foreplay can go a long, long way (especially if you invest twice as much time ‘warming up’ as you think you need).

“It’s true… foreplay can help partners feel closer and more intimate, which ultimately leads to both parties feeling more aroused”, says Indiana University’s director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Debra Herbenick, PhD, MPH.

But we’re excited about what happens once once the main event is over, and the sex toys and lube have played their part.

Have you ever lingered longer with ‘afterplay’?

As the name suggests, afterplay kicks in but moments after sex. With your bodies still vibing and highly sensitive, it’s the time when physical intimacy is at its peak, perhaps making afterplay one of the most underestimated parts of any couple’s sexy adventures.

Where foreplay gets your blood pumping, afterplay can cement and deepen the connection. Lasting for minutes or stretching long into the night, afterplay is your opportunity to bask in your partner’s glow (and get a little more TLC while you’re at it).

Afterplay activities you can try

Think of afterplay as a ‘cool down’ – foreplay is the warm up and sex is high intensity training. So when it comes time to wind down, you might like to:

  • Circle your fingers or nails around on your partner’s back.
  • Take a bubble bath or long, hot shower together (you could even bring sex toys for good measure).
  • Spend time kissing or canoodling.
  • Freshen up with SKYN® wipes.

Whatever you decide to do, chances are it’s going to feel amazing because of how sensitive and dialed in you’ll both be after sex. This is backed up by science.

Participants in a 2014 study revealed that when they engage in afterplay their sexual satisfaction increased, which was also found to be very important for couples who had kids1 (because, as you might imagine, physical intimacy can be harder to steal with little ones running around).

Remember: don’t skip afterplay!

Foreplay often leads to great sex and afterplay has the potential to take you to a deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connection. And just like the circle of life, you may even end up right back where you started – enjoying more foreplay…

If more intimacy is on your sexual to do list, it doesn’t have to end with afterplay. Explore SKYN®’s ever evolving range of sex toys and lube to kickstart your next adventure.

1Denes, A., & Afifi, T. D. (2014). Pillow talk and cognitive decision-making processes: Exploring the influence of orgasm and alcohol on communication after sexual activity. Communication Monographs, 81(3), 333-358.