5 Common Myths About Sex Toys

2 minutes

Sex toys – conversation starter or killer? While they may not be the first topic of discussion with casual acquaintances (or for some, parents), there is definitely an appetite for sex toys that links to the growing sexual wellness conversation. They’re also being referenced in the mainstream, on TV shows such as Broad City.

Whether you’re completely new to adult toys or already have some to hand in your bedroom drawer, they can be a great tool to make your sex life even better. But there are some myths that may have put you off trying them.

1. Sex toys are just for single people

Total nonsense. There is nothing shameful or sad about using a sex toy, whatever your relationship status. Toys can help to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships, make group sex more fun, or bring something new to the table for couples. One recent study showed that 65% of American women own at least one type of sex toy, either for fun or to breathe new life into their sexual encounters.

2. Sex toys are just for people with vaginas.

The heterosexual psyche appears to believe that sex toys undermine masculinity. But for heterosexual couples, it’s actually in the man’s interest to incorporate vibrators and the like into their couple sex life: a 2017 study found that just 18% of women orgasmed from vaginal penetration alone, while 37% of women needed additional clitoral stimulation to climax. Also, it’s fun! Time to put aside that male ego. There are also great toys out there for people with penises, like cock rings and masturbation devices.

3. Sex toys can be addictive

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein claims that sex-toy addiction is not actually a thing. As long as you know why you’re bringing toys into the bedroom – or wherever else you like to have sex – there is nothing to worry about. Sure, you may pick a favourite vibrator that you reach for more often but there’s no shame in that.

4. Sex toys can cause harm

They shouldn’t, if used as per the instructions provided. Home-made sex toys are not a good idea but vibrators and such from well-known brands go through testing to ensure their safety. Hygiene is something to think about – cleaning your sex toy(s) after each use and as indicated in the toy’s instructions for use is essential to avoid infection. There is also plenty of expert advice on this topic.

5. Sex toys are a dirty secret.

Not anymore. You may not hear them being spoken about on a daily basis, but sex toys are much more present in popular culture, making a more frequent appearance in the friend Whatsapp chat, and have been cited as one way to improve your levels of sexual wellness.