Hold On, Let Me Get My Toy.

2 minutes

Introducing sex toys into an established, sexual partnership can definitely serve to turn up the heat. But the idea of bringing a toy to the table is still taboo for many people. They can create sensations that mechanics alone cannot. Toys can increase our pleasure; they are acting as welcome additions to something already going well.

Some people might think that their partner asking to introduce toys into their sex life as a negative reflection on themselves. But in almost all cases that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s lots of evidence out there that tells us many people with vagina’s struggle to climax purely from penetrative sex alone. Often climax can only be reached with additional stimulation of the clitoris or anus. Toys can be an addition that leads to a mind-blowing climax. Consider your vibrating toy as your new best friend, a partner-in-crime for bringing more pleasure into the bedroom. Fundamentally, a toy should be thought of as an extension of yourself.

Communication is key.

If you or your partner are feeling apprehensive, conversation and open communication is key. If you’re nervous to broach the conversation with a long-term partner, make sure to add in lots of reassurance – we all need to hear some praise once in a while.

Be on the same page.

Now that you’ve had the conversation with your partner, and you’re both feeling comfortable, an exciting next step is to go toy shopping together. There are an abundance of options out there at both online and brick-and-mortar adult shops where you are your partner are guaranteed to find something that turns you both on.