No method of contraception can ever be 100% effective. However, when used correctly, condoms offer the best protection against STI and are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. Choosing the correct fit of condom and using SKYN® lubricant can further reduce the likelihood of breakage.

SKYN® Condoms do not contain Parabens, Glycerin, Benzocaine, Polyurethane, Nitrosamine, Soy, Rice, Casein, Pea Protein or Gluten. However, some highly sensitive individuals may experience allergic reactions to chemicals used in the manufacture of these condoms and/or in the lubricant applied to the condom.

SKYN® Condoms and lubricants do not contain Nonoxynol-9. Though the use of Nonoxynol-9 was previously widespread across the world, products containing N9 – as it is also known – have never been manufactured or sold under the SKYN brand. The World Health Organisation has stated that “there is no evidence that condoms lubricated with N9 are more effective in preventing pregnancy than lubricated condoms without N9”. Furthermore, the compound can cause irritation and retard the healing of wounds with which it has been in contact.

Our condoms should be stored below 30°C in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Yes. All our condoms – including textured varieties – are suitable for use during anal sex. To increase comfort, using plenty of lube (and patience) is always recommended.

Yes. The flavourings used for our flavoured condoms are food grade and our lubricants are made with ingredients suitable for human ingestion. However, you should always use a new condom if you switch between oral, vaginal or anal intercourse.

We encourage safe sex with a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STI/STD and HIV). Pharmaceutical contraceptives do not prevent STI’s.


Nominal width is the measurement of the diameter at or near the open end of the condom, when laid flat. Our condoms have a 53mm nominal width apart from the Large which is 56mm and the Close Feel which is 49mm

SKYNFEEL® is made of a revolutionary polyisoprene material that makes our condoms noticeably softer and provides a more natural-feel.

Our condoms are made in India and Thailand. The country of origin is indicated on the condom foil.