SKYN® Original 10 Pack Non-Latex Condoms & Thrill Toy With Free Lube & Pack of 30 Wipes


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The new generation Skynfeel condom is made from a technologically advanced non-latex material, proven to enhance stimulation. It feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to feel everything. Our non-latex condoms are made from Skynfeel, a revolutionary material which feels so soft and comfortable, that you’ll find it barely noticeable. Giving you both an incredibly natural feel, full of sensitivity, while being safe and suitable for people with latex allergy.

This premium pocket-sized massager finished with rose gold plating has been designed for female pleasure anytime anywhere. With three different vibrating speeds, THRILL is the discreet portable bullet that makes pleasure a priority. Three vibration settings with added sensation at the tip Quiet and discreet Compatible with SKYN condoms and lubricants Water resistant Hypoallergenic USB rechargeable

New SKYN GET FRESH gives you the confidence of freshness, so you can feel free to really let go. Refreshes without any need for rinsing. Discreet and easy to apply, SKYN GET FRESH lets you stay your sexiest, most adventurous self even when it all happens unexpectedly. When the moment strikes and you want to make to most of it, feeling less than fresh can often be the little thing that holds you back.

SKYN Natural Harmony Personal is a water-based formulation. It is pH balanced & formulated with a natural moisturizer. It is paraben free, fragrance free & non greasy.

Included Items: SKYN Original 10 Pack Non-Latex Condoms, 1 Thrill Toy With Free Lube & Pack of 30 Wipes


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